Our tailoring service is available for your disposal to shape exclusively yours the dress you've chosen. At centimeter.


In the Maurizio Russo's world dominate Tagliatore style. The right style for your Yes.
Tagliatore is the brand synonymous of tailoring. Parades and soft forms, perfect fit, enhance detail, are the characteristics of a Tagliatore style piece.
Natural elegance for a chilled style. Yours.

Home Delivery Service

MR world is a dynamic world. We bring your purchase straight to your door.


We reserve and we put aside items that you've choosen, but you haven't got chance to buy it yet.

Tax Free Worldwide

Enjoy a great shopping experience with Tax Free, only for NO-EU Residents

Life Style

Places, ambients, spaces, architectures, objects. For you the expressive forms of Maurizio Russo's world.


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